Monday, November 24, 2014

Lady Sour Theme Song

The theme song for Lady Sour is a duet by Myolie Wu and Ron Ng, called "Is That You" (是你嗎).


Sunday, November 23, 2014

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014 Results

Best Actress: Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)

Best Actor: Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul)

Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (Line Walker)

Best Supporting Actor: Benz Hui (Line Walker)

Most Improved Actress: Samantha Ko

Most Improved Actor: Sammy Sum

My Favourite On-Screen Couple: Ruco Chan & Aimee Chan (Outbound Love)

My Favourite Enrichment Programme: Wellness on the Go 2

My Favourite Variety Show: Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

My Favourite Host: Nancy Sit & Wong Cho Lam (Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk)

My Favourite Theme Song: "More Difficult, More Love" by Jinny Ng (Line Walker)

TVB Most Rising Star in Malaysia: Fred Cheng

TVB Star Achievement Award: Helena Law, Lau Kong

My Favourite Character Awards:
The Ultimate Addiction - Bosco Wong, Nancy Wu
Tomorrow is Another Day - Kate Tsui
Black Heart White Soul - Roger Kwok
Line Walker - Charmaine Sheh, Sharon Chan, Benz Hui, Michael Miu, Raymond Lam
Tiger Cubs II - Him Law
Outbound Love - Ruco Chan
Storm in a Cocoon - Tavia Yeung
All That is Bitter is Sweet - Linda Chung
Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain - Kenneth Ma, Selena Li

Thursday, November 20, 2014

TVB Inventory Levels 2014

The number of series each artist has on hand.
As at November 20, 2014

Purple = Ancient
Green = Pre-modern
Yellow = Modern
Blue = Professional
White = Unconfirmed

Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Blog!

Hi everyone!

I have decided to create a new blog exclusively for HKTV dramas. It is called Casual HKTV (so creative, I know).

Hopefully it can become a place for fans to get information and discuss about HKTV dramas.

Please continue to support both my blogs! :)

P.S. If someone with more artistic talent than me (in other words, anyone) would like to create a banner for my new site, I would appreciate it very much.