Thursday, November 20, 2014

TVB Inventory Levels 2014

The number of series each artist has on hand.
As at November 20, 2014

Purple = Ancient
Green = Pre-modern
Yellow = Modern
Blue = Professional
White = Unconfirmed

Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Blog!

Hi everyone!

I have decided to create a new blog exclusively for HKTV dramas. It is called Casual HKTV (so creative, I know).

Hopefully it can become a place for fans to get information and discuss about HKTV dramas.

Please continue to support both my blogs! :)

P.S. If someone with more artistic talent than me (in other words, anyone) would like to create a banner for my new site, I would appreciate it very much.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Overview - Lady Sour

Travelling around to practise medicine, Myolie Wu and her mother Gigi Wong successively encounter a man with a skin disease (Ron Ng) and someone from their hometown (Him Law). Myolie falls in love with Him at first sight and does everything she can to marry him. Unfortunately, the boss of the vinegar brewery (Alice Chan) tries all possible means to prevent the marriage because of a grudge against Gigi. Having been cured of his disease, Ron helps Myolie achieve her wish.

Myolie thought everything would settle down after the marriage, but unexpectedly, Him falls in love with his maid Eliza Sam. Myolie tries to disrupt them, but this causes Him and Eliza to accidentally have a relationship instead. Him takes Eliza as his second wife, arousing intense jealousy from Myolie, adding oil to the fire. Suddenly, a corpse is discovered. Gigi is accused of murdering her husband and sentenced to death. To protect the family reputation, Him's family demands that Myolie sever her relationship with her mother. At this time, Myolie finds out that she is pregnant, yet this begins a campaign to divorce her...