Monday, May 01, 2017

My Unfair Lady Theme Song

The theme song for My Unfair Lady is "I Don't Know How to Flirt" (我不會撒嬌) by Stephanie Ho.

The ending theme song is "Sand in Hand" (手中沙), by Hana Kuk.

Overview - My Unfair Lady

Successful property manager Jessica Hsuan has a midas touch. The shopping malls under her management have won countless awards. She is also a super-control freak. Her top assistant, her cousin Natalie Tong, is obedient, hard-working and has even learned fake flirting techniques, helping Jessica solve many problems. Just as Jessica's career is going well, with hopes of joining the board of directors, the company hires marketing genius Frankie Lam to have equal footing as her! The ex-couple have a love-hate relationship and battle it out in the workplace. Jessica even uses beautiful female trainee, "Shanghai Man Slayer" Samantha Ko, to get close to Frankie and gather intelligence. Except Samantha not only covets Jessica's job, but also her man. The two women begin an intense fight!

Meanwhile, Natalie discovers that her boyfriend Chris Lai has cheated on her. In her time of disappointment, she encounters a deeply passionate gentlemen, Vincent Wong. She thinks their relationship will come to fruition, until his sweet and gentle cousin from Taiwan suddenly confesses her love for him. Natalie immediately seems pale by comparison! What's worse is that Vincent appears to be abnormally afraid of marriage. Does Natalie, whose aspiration is to be married, have no hopes for marriage? Can the two cousins, both competent women, but unable to flirt, ultimately reverse their misfortune and find happiness?

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Overview - The No No Girl

Adia Chan's love life has been full of thorns. She is over 40 years old and still busy dealing with her ex-boyfriend's debts of gratitude. With no house and no job, and having experienced a woman's most painful of being abandoned by the groom on her wedding day, Adia has no choice but to participate in a comeback competition organized by a hotel for the biggest losers. She hopes that it will lead to a stable job and income. It turns out that the event organizer is Eddie Cheung, whom she had a one-night stand with many years ago. He appears to have forgotten about her. They develop a good employer-employee relationship. Eddie's son, Owen Cheung, was originally the general manager of the hotel, but is demoted to trainee after angering his father. With help and advice from Adia, Owen is able to gradually improve his relationship with his father. Owen loses his direction when he falls in love with a mysterious girl, fellow trainee Jeannie Chan. On one hand, she is a rival; on the other hand, he wants to love and protect her. More ironically, when Eddie inadvertently discovers that Adia was the girl that he had a one-night stand with, he immediately changes the rules to turn it into an elimination competition. It changes everyone's relationship as they compete against each other. The circumstances force a "nothing woman" to make a resolution...